Dealing with bees on your Rochester home’s roof can be a challenge. You can risk injury and allergic reactions if you attempt to remove those stingers yourself. However, you may also pose a risk to your home and family if you continue to let the bees nest on your home. What should you do to deal with bees on your roof?

Professional Roofers Keep the Bees out!

#1: Do Take Preventative Measures First

The best way to avoid bees nesting in your roof is to take preventative measures to remove areas where the bees can invade your home in the first place. Before the winter time, examine your roof for any holes or cracks where bees can get through. You can contact a roofing professional to examine your roof and plug these holes on your behalf.

#2: Don’t Attempt to Remove the Bees Yourself

You should not attempt to physically remove bees from your roof without professional help. These creatures are extremely unpredictable and can be dangerous, leading to stings, potential allergic reactions, and more. You should always call a roofing professional to examine the situation and remove the bees for you safely. The professional will likely contract a beekeeper or exterminator who can assist with the insect control.

#3: Do Clean Up After Removal

After the professionals remove the bees from your roof, clean up after the removal. Once the bees are gone, your roofing professional can examine if you sustained any damage from the bees nesting there. This clean-up will include honey or honeycomb damage. Your roofer will then fix your roof and replace any shingles. Your roofer can also plug any cracks to prevent future infestation.

If you have bees on your Rochester home’s roof, do not attempt to remove them by yourself. Call the professionals at Northside to help you handle your roof problem from the bees. Contact us today to schedule your appointment with one of our roofing professionals.