When picturing roof damage, the average Rochester, NY homeowner imagines hail or other weather conditions as the chief culprit. Storms can prove devastating, of course, but they're only the beginning. Insects and small animals also cause their fair share of damage, as we explain below:

Shingle Damage

Small animals gnaw and tear at shingles, sometimes ripping them clean off your roof. If not addressed quickly, animal-related shingle issues can lead to leaks and significant water damage. Squirrels and raccoons are often to blame, but bees have also been known to cause issues. Shingles can also be harmed by the high acidity of bird droppings.

Blocked Gutters

Gutters are difficult enough to handle as is, but interference from a variety of animals can quickly lead to problems that go far beyond regular maintenance. Birds are often to blame for gutter issues, as they may leave droppings or even build nests low in gutter troughs. This leads to significant blockage, thereby keeping water from flowing through the gutter system as desired.

In some cases, nests may shift to the point that they close off the entire downspout. Water damage can ensue, as can rotting or tearing of the roof's fascia.

Structural Damage

Termites prompt some of the most insidious damage. Their presence may be difficult to spot, allowing them plenty of time to harm the structural integrity of your roof. Early signs of trouble may include swollen ceilings.

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