It’s easy to forget about our roofs, especially considering how little time most people spend relaxing atop their house.  Joking aside, residential roofing systems play a vital role in the overall comfort and integrity of your home, and it’s considerably important to make sure that no undetected damage or structural wear is resulting in drafts, critter infestations or skyrocketing monthly utility bills.  Worse yet, even minor damage from the previous winter and spring can quickly manifest into more complicated repairs or the need for a roof replacement.

Man conducting roof inspection

At The Northside Company Roofing in Rochester NY, we can’t overstate the vast importance of having your home’s roof inspected each summer.  It’s a fast and affordable way to make sure that everything is in tip-top condition, while accurately identifying and resolving minor issues before they bloom into major headaches.

  • Napora offers free onsite residential roof inspections in Rochester and WNY
  • We use the most advanced leak-detection equipment for accurate assessments
  • All roof inspections are performed by highly-experienced professional roofers
  • Many small issues can be resolved quickly, including gaps, missing shingles, etc.
  • Making the most simple repairs early can improve comfort and energy efficiency
  • Read our reviews… Northside is a trusted Rochester NY roofing company!

Whether you’re currently dealing with an unknown roofing issue or just curious about the state of your roof’s overall condition, The Northside Company makes it effortless to find out.  We’re based in Rochester and proudly serve the entire Western NY region.  Get in touch today to learn more about why summer roof inspections are so important, schedule an online consultation, or arrange time for one of our expert Roofers to come out for an inspection.

You can reach The Northside Company Roofing in Rochester by phone at 585-381-1050, or drop us a line via email by writing to our staff through our website’s contact page.