Few homeowners need any reminders on the increased frequency of storms, power outages and a wide range of other potential threats to the power grid.  And just ask anyone who’s had to go days or weeks in the dark… when the power goes out, life gets put on hold.  For over 60 years, Generac has been engineering a diverse line of superior quality, highly reliable backup home generators in a wide range of sizes, power outputs and additional features.

The Northside Company is proud to offer the entire line of Generac home generators, with over three dozen models available to accommodate houses of every size and power requirement.

Generac Home Backup Generators

Whether this is your first time investing in a home backup generator, or you’re upgrading from a smaller or less reliable model, Generac products continue to be trusted by more homeowners each year.  Here are just a few reasons to contact The Northside Company for Generac home generator installation. 

  • The #1 selling brand of superior quality backup home generators
  • Provides automatic protection in the event of power outages
  • Over three dozen models to accommodate homes of every stature
  • Connects directly to electrical systems for consistently reliable backup
  • Sits outside your home similar to a central air conditioning unit
  • Convenient, runs on natural gas or liquid propane fuel sources
  • Generac is based in Wisconsin and provides 24/7/365 support

Expert Installation of Generac Home Generators in Rochester

When it comes to protecting your loved ones comfort and peace of mind during a power outage, there’s simply no substitute for reliability and performance.  Generac is the most trusted name in backup home generators, known worldwide for their superior products and industry leading support.  To learn more or schedule a free consultation, get in touch  with The Northside Company and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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